California Sunshine in a Jar!
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About Us

Good Food. Healthy. Natural. Fine Ingredients. Attention to Detail. Superb Recipes. The Finest Quality. These are the guiding principles for Millicent's Preserves & Madison's Favorites.

Originally founded by Millicent Wong, a paraplegic who had her kitchen outfitted so she could make over 100 jars of preserves each day, the Company is now owned by Tim & Dawn McCormack.  Frequent and enthusiastic entertainers, Tim & Dawn expanded the line to include Madison's Favorites dip & soup mixes...perfect for gatherings of friends & family and for chilly evenings at the beach.

Dawn spent summers during college working at Moutou’s Peach Orchard where she sold peaches and made peach preserves. That was the start of her life long love affair with jams & jellies. An adventurous cook, Dawn loves to use the fresh picked flavors of Millicent's Preserves and the savory excellence of Madison's Favorites in recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Tim still believes that Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches were invented by God.  Instead of squishy white bread, creamy peanut butter & grape jelly, today he enjoys spreading  fresh baked breads from local farmers markets with Millicent's Bruiseberry Jam, Sweet Orange Marmalade or another of our fine preserves.  

We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for fine jams & jellies with you!  We hope you will enjoy the California flavors and sunshine in Millicent’s Preserves & Madison’s Favorites.